There are a number of Australian Government initiatives under which psychologists are eligible to provide services under Medicare. To provide services, psychologists must meet the eligibility requirements for the particular Medicare item, as set out in the information on these web pages.

Medicare benefits are available for a range of specified psychology services for people with certain conditions, as summarised below. To receive psychological services under Medicare, a person must be referred by his/her GP or in some instances by a psychiatrist or a paediatrician. The full requirements for provision of psychological services in the following areas must be understood before services are provided. Select from the options below or browse the A-Z topic list.  

Eligible clients  No. of services per client 
People with an assessed mental disorder

Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative 

Up to 12 individual services and an additional 6 services in exceptional circumstances (to a maximum total of 18 individual services per calendar year) AND up to 12 group therapy services per calendar year
Children with autism or any other pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) – aged under 13 years for diagnosis and under 15 years for treatment 

Helping Children with Autism initiative





Up to 4 services for assessment (in total per child) and up to 20 early intervention treatment services in total per child 
Women who are concerned about either a current pregnancy, or one that occurred in the previous 12 months 

Pregnancy Support Counselling

Up to 3 services per pregnancy 
People who have a chronic medical condition and complex care needs

Chronic Disease Management initiative 

Up to 5 individual services (in total) per calendar year
Follow-up allied health services for people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent 


Up to 5 individual services (in total) per calendar year (NB: these services are in addition to the 5 services for patients with a chronic medical condition and complex care needs)